Previously, on The Broken Crown

“The Broken Crown. It’s what Aarnekas needs. What the kingdoms need. For the threat to come.”

The Broken Crown grows in strength, and attempts to incite war between the Kingdoms.

The Heroes of Woodcrest have been searching for Crown Princess Ellesia for several weeks. King Rellis will be crowned in five days. His Kingsguard have violently taken control of Reynford.

Tracking a kidnapped farmer, they encounter cockatrices nesting in an ancient battleground, and a bitten Jason becomes petrified. They capture the bandit kidnapper, who attempts to recruit them for the Broken Crown.

And the party depart Reynford, arriving at Islæ Nægis, after an uneventful four-day sail.

“When the time comes, my side, your side, it won’t matter. It’ll all be washed away.”
“What makes you say that?”
“He must rise. But He cannot.”