The Broken Crown

A Frustrating Series of Events

from Salzar's Journal

A frustrating turn of events indeed. Not much that has happened today has filled me with confidence. I can see the cracks, the signs of distrust, and the way they watch me cautiously. Are they afraid of me?

The first time I noticed it was when Brother James joined us again. I have seen him watch me, scrutinise me when I perform minor rituals or my prayers. On several occasions I have thought to enlighten him of the truth between the Bitch Raven and the Reaper, but the distrust coming from him is too worrisome. I wonder what has happened to make him act so suspicious? He questioned our motives on defending ourselves from those lying priests, but I do not think he believed the truth when he heard it.

Wrenn witnessed Enna’s mother being arrested for ‘cavorting with false agents of the Raven Queen’. Instead of having poor Wrenn die once again, I called him back to my side. I have travelled too long without him, and although he is a useful spy, I am happy to see him with me again. I will spend a few hours with him, then I will need to send him off to visit the false Princess we left in Ponterin, for I have my word to keep.

The stonecunning dwarf in our company, Dhomgrim, has been particularly useful over the last few days. He has proven himself a worthwhile fighter, and I daresay he is an adequete replacement for Jason… especially when the dragonborn is being too dilatory to be useful.

In my most recent failing, I attempted to divulge information from Xara. A human trafficker (according to the guards), I posed as a buyer of such things. She promptly told me to bugger off. I suspect that this headband has made me far too shrewd for the mortals here, especially mere commoners.

Perhaps it’s just a mood swing, or perhaps it’s the frail moralities of my companions, but they concern me. We may be drawing close to a forked path, and I may need to leave the group. I have acquired some friendships here, tenuous as they are, but my destiny is with squashing this cult in its entirety… a fact that the party seem to be less inclined to believe.
I suppose it’s easier for mortal minds to associate me with the ‘bad guys’.


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