The Broken Crown

Death of Milus

from Salzar's Journal

Death of a King to open the way,
Bastion’s fall at break of day,
A call that mortal folk must heed,
The scythe that comes to cull the weed

Milus, a mad cultust of the Reaper, met his end today in the sewers of a vast city. I suppose that makes it another task done.
Sacrifice a tie – the most difficult perhaps to perform, but we will see… I do hope Jesh will forgive me for what this does to him.
Betray a trusted friend – at least Enna is with the Reaper now.
Force someone to act for the cult – well, time will tell. I have plans.
Find the darkness – poor poor Milus. His mission will never be fulfilled, and no one will ever find out why…


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