The Broken Crown

Episode 8 recap

The party awakes to a barracks in chaos, guards running around everywhere. A sergent hands leaflets out to the passing guards and a bell rings in the distance.

From her tree, Enna can see guards nailing posters to trees. The party meets by the east gate of the castle and decide to speak to Xander and drop off the stone of sending.

They find Xander in the king’s chamber, being sent there by a council member in the main hall. There is a sheet covering a body on the bed, and Xander explains that the king has died.

The party now has only eight days before Duke Rellis is likely to march on Ponterin and claim the throne. They are told to keep the king’s death a secret or there will be war across the Nine Kingdoms.

They leave for the stables, take horses, and ride towards Grenscombe.

Their journey is unveventful, aside from a short battle with some dire wolves. Arriving in Grenscombe, they make their way to the tavern and spend the evening there.

During the course of the evening, they take on two new party members: A young sorcerer named Gethman, and a bard named Seren.


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