The Broken Crown

Episode 9 recap

Early in the morning in Grenscombe, the party awakes to commotion outside. The village is under attack by goblins, accompanied by a bugbear. Joined by two new adventurers, they drive the attackers away, but not before bard Seren is almost taken out by a well-thrown javelin.

On the road north, they notice notches carved into the signpost just outside the village, which Wrenn recognises as Orcish writing. It says MEET. Enna’s finely-tuned senses feel a large gathering of orcs, perhaps two dozen, in the hills to the northeast. The heroes decide to press on north and ignore the potentially lethal encounter.

Meanwhile, in Askor, Salzar (and his newly-conjured Imp familiar) enter the hidden door in the crypts of the Cathedral of the Pantheon. The stone spiral stairs lead down quite some way, opening out into a small chapel. Inside, cultists are already gathered, and Precept Edris conducts Salzar’s initiation ceremony.

On his way out, he employs the scrying services of an acolyte of the Raven Queen, using the lantern he “borrowed” from Wrenn to discover his whereabouts. He departs, defusing a confrontation between two factions of the city guard, and defrauds the city stables out of their fastest horse. Travelling through the Vale, he catches up to a party that greeted him on his way into the city, and discovers their leader is none other than Carlton Dragonborne, twin brother of his friend Jason. They are travelling the same direction as Salzar, towards Kirkston, but do not desire his company on the road, dubiously claiming they were on a covert mission.

The rest of the heroes march north for some time, before Enna detects a small group of orcs moving south towards them. They set an ambush, and kill most of the orcs, with Salzar arriving in the nick of time to aid them. The last orc confesses at knifepoint; there is a shortage of food in the valley, and word has passed through the clans that The Broken Crown can provide for them. They dispatch the orc, and hear a baby screaming. In a sling around the shoulder of a dead orc is an orc infant.


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