The Broken Crown

Season 2 Episode 2 Synopsis

Seren and Jason stow away on a launch hanging from the departed ship – the Star of Erigaelis – which they investigate for trafficking, finding no children but encountering a blue dragon kept in the hold. Meanwhile, the party still in Erinport brokers a deal for the corrupt guard troop to be allowed to leave with their lives, and Xara to take over their duties. The party tries to arrange transport across to Eastreach, to find they have just missed the only ship for the near future, the Star, and pay to catch up to it in a smaller, faster vessel – Melora’s Fury. As the Fury catches up in a worsening storm, both ships are attacked by a group of sea hags and something worse under the water. During the battle the Star is seriously damaged and the dragon is awoken; it agrees to not attack the party for a month if released, and reveals it had been captured in order to fight in a war in Igaegi. The party sets it free as Wrenn loots a surprising amount of treasure from the captain’s cabin, and they escape the sinking ship onto the Fury.


quarterto quarterto

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