The Broken Crown

Season 2 Episode 6 Synopsis

The party explore Islæ Nægis, surrounded by acidic seas. A black dragon requests their aid; they defeat a giant Black Pudding to earn its gratitude


The party leave towards Erigælis on the Star of Reynford, and enjoy four days’ quiet sailing. As the black stain of Islæ Nægis is approached, an irate Captain Hadriel discovers the loss of his needed navigation chart, but the discovery that the party have acquired a copy persuades him that he can still approach the mysterious island to pick up an arranged cargo.

Wrenn and Seren join Hadriel and his crew on a shore visit, discovering that the strangely acid waters around Isla Nægis require the boat to be specially coated with lime wax. Suspicions are raised when the normal foreman isn’t present to greet them, and on finding the remaining unknown shocked dockworker accompanied by only empty boots. Joining Hadriel and a crewmember in investigating a pit to find their missing cargo, the pair find a human, terrified by a recent attack by a “smelly” something; despite his fear he is unwilling to leave and attacks the party who he insists shouldn’t be there. In the resulting combat Wrenn and Seren are joined by the crewmember, who introduces himself as Ali Jones as they discover the defeated human was wearing a Broken Crown amulet.

Exploring towards the top of the island, the party encounter a mature black dragon who introduces himself as Ved’troz. He challenges the group to clear the island of the “rot” infecting it for a reward, which our heroes are only to happy to assist with.

They descend into the pit, following eroding rope bridges down around a hanging large brazier, encountering more empty boots covered by an acid ooze which Ali discovers is highly corrosive, but which they find is also flammable. The party collects resources, defeating a mimic in the process, before using the brazier to set off a flash fire in the pit… which damages but angers the Black Pudding revealed to be filling the bottom. While initially discouraged as their physical and even fire attacks do little damage, attacking with lime wax barrels proves to counteract the acid neatly and the Pudding is swiftly polished off.

A grateful Ved’troz thanks them for clearing the source that was poisoning his island and its waters, rewarding them with diamonds and a promise to take out the Aboleth in the nearby seas.

Hadriel’s crew recover their remaining cargo from behind a secret door before the party returns to the ship, and sails on to the chasm anchorage of Erigælis, city of spires and bridges atop the sandstone cliffs.


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