The Broken Crown

The Ghost of the Mimic Ship

from Salzar's Journal

“Salzar, if this thing kills me I will haunt you.”

Today I tried to bring a ghost to its final resting spot without bringing harm to it. Whatever was on the ship was bringing emotional torment to it, and when it possessed Dhom, we were worried.
And then the ship attacked. A mimic! But then I summoned a thundering ball of power, tossed it at the ship… and a unicorn appeared.

And then we ended up in a bubble in the middle of the sea with a unicorn. I do not understand the nature of the magic I now wield, but sometimes I think my life is better for it.

Also, Serran aged a little after the ghost showed up.
Salzar sent Wrenn out to the City of Westreach to recover a Greater Restoration scroll, but gave up his secret to acquire this scroll. Now all will know that Jesh is a false prophet, all from the machinations of Salzar. I suppose that’s as good a tie as any.

We will leave Wrenn with Agatha for some time, invisible, to ensure she doesn’t steal the ship.


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