The Broken Crown

The Reaper's Offering

from Salzar's Journal

I am starting to believe that I need Wrenn’s help to unlock further lore into the Black Onyx.

Today, we have sent six innocent souls to the Reaper, with two more likely following afterwards. If only I understood the secret of the Black Onyx. If only I could have brought the six back to a more useful position in their lives. Could the Reaper be punishing me for not destroying his cult of false worshippers, by hiding this information from my eyes?

Necromancers make it seem so easy, so why am I unable to grasp such simple concepts? I have studied the lode points of the soul, I have traced the pattern of lines in flesh, but still such a simple thing eludes me.

Further research is required. I do hope that Nerull appreciates the death of those priests in his name.


quarterto OblivionGate

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