The Broken Crown

When Enna refuses to take a royal oath...


That was the first thought that came to her mind when she exited the Royal chamber after she refused to take the King’s allegiance.

“They are fools to not think how deep runs the oath they took. In a place where obviously some magic floats around. And for what? money! How greedy they can be, selling themselves like that! Don’t they see that keeping a free soul is more important than money, in these dark times when Orcs are unleashed.”

The only thought of Orcs killing around with such impunity makes her twitching her 2 short-swords on her back.

“Breathe, I have to keep a cool head. How the Little One called me again? ah yes, a psychopath! Too bad I missed pushing him in that water earlier, a bath would have done him good! If only he knew…[Remembering] dead, they are now all dead.”

She climbs a tree and sits down on the higher branch, deep in thought.

“I cannot let them down. Been through so much together. But this! I will need to keep an eye on them now, more than ever. I do not trust much this King and his men. It is not they cannot fight, no, they are good fighters but money is their weakness. What a band of misfits, we all are! Them the money, me the Orcs and Salzar power.

Ah yes, Salzar! cannot believe this guy leaving us in the mines, buggering off as he did. He proved himself ok in a fight and been useful more than once but I cannot say I trust him. Too full of himself and driven by pure ambition it seems. He always challenges us to the core, wonder what exactly he has in mind and what power he is after. I guess he will stick around with us as long as we serve some obscure purpose for him. Twisted mind he has.

Unlike Jason. Jason! The dragonborn! I kind of like him, a big brother watching out for me. Hahaha, clumsy too, but one you can trust. It is black and white with him, you always know where he stands but his appetite of money is no good. And his business with his evil twin and Orcs, dark stuff, got to help him there. And if there are Orcs to kill, I am always ready for a fight.

As Helge, surprisingly, what a fighter! the monk that was so full of booze when we met him…. Diving first in the battle as he has no will to live long. He changed a lot in the past few weeks. Still loving the booze though but getting more confident and taking initiatives. The fists of his are proven quite something in battles and I respect him more and more. He can talk wisely too…between drinks. Talking about wisdom, the Little One, Wrenn!

He proves himself a lot useful but I cannot believe all these virtues he exhibits are true. So cheesy! He is a con man that is not to be forgotten. His love of money and books are too strong and what the creature said? Ah yes, selling his body for a coin, hahaha, half a coin would be more fitting! but what can I say? I am a sucker for a pretty face, the dark green eyes of his…. starting to be fond of him…. a lot… Oh take a grip of yourself! Brush away these feelings! And focus! They are all in danger that they do not even foresee!"

Enna climbs down the tree, waiting for the rest of the group to exit the castle and taking it from here. " After all, more Orcs will cross our pass. “L’quelin Orco naa ba Orco as lala cas” (“The best Orc is a dead Orc with no head”)

Comfort words that makes Enna feel better already!


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