The Broken Crown

Wrenn’s Story: The Star of Erigælis

Wrenn’s heart was making a bold attempt to escape his chest, thundering wildly as he leapt the gap between the sinking Star of Erigælis and Melora’s Fury. The last hour was a blur – he’d expected their sea journey to be uneventful, a break from the hectic and violent life he’d been leading lately. It was not.

Since his half of the group left Erinport, a storm had been building over The Reft. They were now battling gale-force winds as they unattached Melora’s Fury from the wreck of The Star. Wrenn took a moment to reflect on his life as he watched the unfortunate ship sink into the depths.

Wrenn had almost died today. He’d seen his fellow party members fall a dozen or more times, but never him – he was small and not an easy target, his reflexes were excellent. The Sea Hags, whose terrible faces he was still trying to forget, had made short work of him. Wrenn resolved to get better still at avoiding attacks.

Recalling the fight, Wrenn remembered that if it weren’t for Salzar’s quick thinking then he wouldn’t be alive, “that makes another life debt I guess”, he thought. He could name several other people he’d rather be indebted to than the old man. Still, he’d been glad of the wizard’s company when they explored The Star’s hold.

Meeting another dragon had been fascinating, no amount of reading could have prepared him for it. The sheer power and intelligence of the creature! Under different circumstances Wrenn could have spoken to it all day, imagine the amount of knowledge it could impart. Despite the looming threat of death, Wrenn was almost looking forward to meeting Biithul again in a month’s time.

Glancing over the now inflated crew of Melora’s Fury, Wrenn prepared himself for an uncomfortable journey. He’d have to guard himself with more watchful eyes around: his escape through the sinking ship had provided him with ample opportunity to loot, and he’d made a small fortune in mithril. Wrenn was also very curious about the shipping chart he’d found, and what the “X” might signify on a small island near Erigælis.


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