A bookish Gnome Rogue



Wrenn is short even for a gnome, standing at 3’2". His leathery skin is tanned from years of travel and his wiry brown hair has receded and thinned already. He has dark green eyes which match the colour of his clothes – a worn hooded tunic under sturdy black studded leather.


Wrenn (Wrenn Eldon Uptree Frogbother Prickleback) grew up in Benklur, a small wooded town in Geflesh. His parents were both carpenters but Wrenn lacked the desire to follow in their footsteps, showing more of an interest in books and learning.

After leaving home, he found work in the city library at Engrel as an apprentice researcher. A fire caused the library to reshuffle jobs and focus more on procurement of new books and manuscripts – for Wrenn this meant heading back out into the world as a field researcher.

On the road, Wrenn fell in with less-than-savoury characters, developing skills with thieves’ tools and weapons. These skills have saved his skin more than once in his search for rare literary works.

More Backstory

Adventure Logs


  • 252NK: Born in Benklur
  • 270NK: Eldon (father) died
  • 285NK: Moved to Engrel
  • 285–293NK: Worked in Engrel City Library
  • 293–298NK: (travelled)
  • 298NK: Settled in Fortitude
  • 298–302NK: Worked with a band of thieves out of The Black Cat Tavern
  • 302–317NK: (travelled)
  • 317–???NK: Worked with the Heroes of Woodcrest


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