The Broken Crown

An Old Man's Rhymes
from Salzar's Journal

Death of a King to open the way,
Bastion’s fall at break of day,
A call that mortal folk must heed,
The scythe that comes to cull the weed,
The moon will cover the sun in full,
… and Underdark release…

The Reaper must rise.

Pelor and Sehanine,
They spin and they spin and she waxes and he wanes.
The Depths,
Beware the Depths! Beware the Depths, one slip and you’re gone, and you’re gone.
Beware the ides of gathering,
Midnight at noon.

I think I know what I need to do when the time comes.

The Ghost of the Mimic Ship
from Salzar's Journal

“Salzar, if this thing kills me I will haunt you.”

Today I tried to bring a ghost to its final resting spot without bringing harm to it. Whatever was on the ship was bringing emotional torment to it, and when it possessed Dhom, we were worried.
And then the ship attacked. A mimic! But then I summoned a thundering ball of power, tossed it at the ship… and a unicorn appeared.

And then we ended up in a bubble in the middle of the sea with a unicorn. I do not understand the nature of the magic I now wield, but sometimes I think my life is better for it.

Also, Serran aged a little after the ghost showed up.
Salzar sent Wrenn out to the City of Westreach to recover a Greater Restoration scroll, but gave up his secret to acquire this scroll. Now all will know that Jesh is a false prophet, all from the machinations of Salzar. I suppose that’s as good a tie as any.

We will leave Wrenn with Agatha for some time, invisible, to ensure she doesn’t steal the ship.

Death of Milus
from Salzar's Journal

Death of a King to open the way,
Bastion’s fall at break of day,
A call that mortal folk must heed,
The scythe that comes to cull the weed

Milus, a mad cultust of the Reaper, met his end today in the sewers of a vast city. I suppose that makes it another task done.
Sacrifice a tie – the most difficult perhaps to perform, but we will see… I do hope Jesh will forgive me for what this does to him.
Betray a trusted friend – at least Enna is with the Reaper now.
Force someone to act for the cult – well, time will tell. I have plans.
Find the darkness – poor poor Milus. His mission will never be fulfilled, and no one will ever find out why…

Season 2 Episode 6 Synopsis

The party explore Islæ Nægis, surrounded by acidic seas. A black dragon requests their aid; they defeat a giant Black Pudding to earn its gratitude


The party leave towards Erigælis on the Star of Reynford, and enjoy four days’ quiet sailing. As the black stain of Islæ Nægis is approached, an irate Captain Hadriel discovers the loss of his needed navigation chart, but the discovery that the party have acquired a copy persuades him that he can still approach the mysterious island to pick up an arranged cargo.

Wrenn and Seren join Hadriel and his crew on a shore visit, discovering that the strangely acid waters around Isla Nægis require the boat to be specially coated with lime wax. Suspicions are raised when the normal foreman isn’t present to greet them, and on finding the remaining unknown shocked dockworker accompanied by only empty boots. Joining Hadriel and a crewmember in investigating a pit to find their missing cargo, the pair find a human, terrified by a recent attack by a “smelly” something; despite his fear he is unwilling to leave and attacks the party who he insists shouldn’t be there. In the resulting combat Wrenn and Seren are joined by the crewmember, who introduces himself as Ali Jones as they discover the defeated human was wearing a Broken Crown amulet.

Exploring towards the top of the island, the party encounter a mature black dragon who introduces himself as Ved’troz. He challenges the group to clear the island of the “rot” infecting it for a reward, which our heroes are only to happy to assist with.

They descend into the pit, following eroding rope bridges down around a hanging large brazier, encountering more empty boots covered by an acid ooze which Ali discovers is highly corrosive, but which they find is also flammable. The party collects resources, defeating a mimic in the process, before using the brazier to set off a flash fire in the pit… which damages but angers the Black Pudding revealed to be filling the bottom. While initially discouraged as their physical and even fire attacks do little damage, attacking with lime wax barrels proves to counteract the acid neatly and the Pudding is swiftly polished off.

A grateful Ved’troz thanks them for clearing the source that was poisoning his island and its waters, rewarding them with diamonds and a promise to take out the Aboleth in the nearby seas.

Hadriel’s crew recover their remaining cargo from behind a secret door before the party returns to the ship, and sails on to the chasm anchorage of Erigælis, city of spires and bridges atop the sandstone cliffs.

A glossary of Igægan Common

by Lorenz Jacobsen, Master Linguist, College of the Light of Ioun, Lower Askor, Kingdom of Askor, 137NK

Although it is much closer-related to Common than the other languages spoken on Odreïn, Igægan Common (or Cotidæn) is a very different language, despite the name (in fact, it is much closer than Common to Old Odreïan, owing to Igægi’s relative isolation). Below are several terms that might be of use to travellers in Igægi.

note: “æ” is not pronounced as a diphthong, but as a distinct vowel, similar to Common “bay” (although with a somewhat nasal quality)

Greetings & phrases

bæn dis – good day
bæn tærd – good afternoon, good evening
bæn nogt – good night
bænvændis – welcome
æ diæsis – goodbye
comæ æst? – how are you?
æm bæn – I am well
pærlest æsteris? – do you speak Common?
nit pærl cotidæn – I do not speak Igægan
si – yes
– no
i – and
pær fævis – please
grætis – thank you
mæ qæræ… – I would like

Numbers 1-10

un, dua, træ, qært, qint, sæxt, hæpt, ogt, nævt, dægt


cupræ – copper
argis – silver
æro – gold
platinæ – platinum

Rather than giving amounts in one denomination, as is usual in Common-speaking Kingdoms for small amounts, currency is always split into small numbers of mixed coins, lowest first. For example, where an Aarnekensian market trader might say “seventeen silvers”, in Igægi you would hear “hæpt argis i un æro”.

Food & drink

pæn – bread
ægua – water
bæra – beer
cærn – meat


æstre – to be (æm, æst, æs, æmis, æstis, æsis)
hæstre – to have (hæm, hæst, hæs, hæmis, hæstis, hæsis)
fæstre – to do (fæm, fæst, fæs, fæmis, fæstis, fæsis)
distre – to say (dim, dist, dis, dimis, distis, disis)
pustre – to be able (pum, pust, pus, pumis, pustis, pusis)
pærler – to speak (pærl, pærlest, pærles, pærlis, pærlestis, pærlesis)

Negation & Tenses

Negation is constructed with nit + verb, e.g. nit æm, “I am not”.

Past tense is constructed with hæ + verb, e.g. hæ æm, “I was” or “I have been”.

Future tense is constructed with fæ + verb, e.g. fæ æm, “I will be”.

Why did I get on the boat again?

Why did I get on the boat again?

Oh that’s right – my overwhelming sense of duty to protect the weak from the oppressors. Well, looking around the Melora’s Fury I can see there are plenty of oppressed on this ship – or not. All these people look like battle hardened sailors of varying degree.

Clearly reports that Xara smuggled children were wide of the mark. Instead it looks like a story of smuggled dragons – and possibly other beasts, magical or not. Guess that makes it alright then! Nothing to see here folks…

“No creature should ever be chained, that was exactly why I bumped that mage on the ship!” Yeah let’s go with that Jason, everyone will lap that up. Let’s forget the death threats the dragon offered up, that’s not important.

And to top it off, we are now headed to Erigaelis, a place I have never been and was never intending to head to! What we’ll find there is anyone’s guess.

Okay, being serious, at this point, I almost wish we had found children instead – then the sense of dread I have wouldn’t be nearly as bad. Unleashing a dragon on your own party (albeit a month from now) can do that to you I guess. Of course, I’m not worried about myself at all – battle is second nature to me, even against such a beast. However putting my comrades in danger because of my own actions…………that is unacceptable. I already have enough dead people on my conscience as it is, I don’t need theirs added to it.

Will Biithul even remember us a month from now? Maybe, maybe not. In any case, a month is a long time. Many things will have changed by then – we will all be much stronger – and should Biithul decide to keep true to his word, I’ll make sure I correct my mistake.

Wrenn’s Story: The Star of Erigælis

Wrenn’s heart was making a bold attempt to escape his chest, thundering wildly as he leapt the gap between the sinking Star of Erigælis and Melora’s Fury. The last hour was a blur – he’d expected their sea journey to be uneventful, a break from the hectic and violent life he’d been leading lately. It was not.

Since his half of the group left Erinport, a storm had been building over The Reft. They were now battling gale-force winds as they unattached Melora’s Fury from the wreck of The Star. Wrenn took a moment to reflect on his life as he watched the unfortunate ship sink into the depths.

Wrenn had almost died today. He’d seen his fellow party members fall a dozen or more times, but never him – he was small and not an easy target, his reflexes were excellent. The Sea Hags, whose terrible faces he was still trying to forget, had made short work of him. Wrenn resolved to get better still at avoiding attacks.

Recalling the fight, Wrenn remembered that if it weren’t for Salzar’s quick thinking then he wouldn’t be alive, “that makes another life debt I guess”, he thought. He could name several other people he’d rather be indebted to than the old man. Still, he’d been glad of the wizard’s company when they explored The Star’s hold.

Meeting another dragon had been fascinating, no amount of reading could have prepared him for it. The sheer power and intelligence of the creature! Under different circumstances Wrenn could have spoken to it all day, imagine the amount of knowledge it could impart. Despite the looming threat of death, Wrenn was almost looking forward to meeting Biithul again in a month’s time.

Glancing over the now inflated crew of Melora’s Fury, Wrenn prepared himself for an uncomfortable journey. He’d have to guard himself with more watchful eyes around: his escape through the sinking ship had provided him with ample opportunity to loot, and he’d made a small fortune in mithril. Wrenn was also very curious about the shipping chart he’d found, and what the “X” might signify on a small island near Erigælis.

The Struggle of Being an Intellectual
from Salzar's Journal

Today, I learned how dragons eat. We also signed a pact with said dragon that spells out only our deaths. Or it would, were the dragon not an honour-bound Blue by the name of Biithul will learn that he is far too cocky. I understand the need to be confident, but often such a thing is a downfall.

We travelled from the small, forgettable settlement, across the vast body of water that I have grown to hate. Wrenn proved instrumental in rescuing Jason and the bard, though I don’t think anyone else noticed. Perhaps they see me as the all-seeing mage that I am, and not the doddering old fool I pretend to be? Then again, perhaps not.

Hags assaulted our vessel, and were easily dispatched. I played on their hatred for each other, and convinced one to attack the other. The resulting blood bath was a beautiful thing indeed.

A sea monster attacked the ship we were sailing to. I convinced everyone to get off the Star (of whatever place it was named after – the part of the ship that had the name was already under the waves by the time we arrived) and board our vessel.

Finally, I was able to free Biithul from his bonds. No use letting such a magnificent creature drown under the waves. I also allowed him to devour the nameless mage that had him imprisoned there for so long… I do hope the Reaper will accept my sacrifice.

A Gathering Storm

As Dhom watches the wreckage of the Star sink beneath the waves, he pretends along with the others to not notice the erstwhile Captain’s furious tears, which the pelting rain is not quite masking. He’s sure the man would soon be fitting out a new hull for his company’s owners, but ships are both home and livelihood – and it can be a bitter blow to lose both.

As the newly combined crew fought with the rigging of the Fury, Dhom thought back over the last day. Had it truly only been a day? He’d thought himself a pretty decent ranger before this morning, strutting around the foregathering. He’d trained in the mountains and roamed much further afield; avoided enemy warbands and taken down monsters. But Enna had shown by example how naïve he was in thinking he was skilled, and being disabled in combat twice in one day had rather driven home that point. He had a debt to pay to the old warlock and the young bard now, and hoped he was learning fast – he might have to.

Dhom had looked a little askance at the Heroes of Woodcrest when he’d first met them; they seemed a bloodthirsty lot at first, but perhaps that was the only way to cope and stay sane. All in one day – blood hawks, orcs with strange sigils, huntresses with teleporting hounds, riots, sea hags, and dragons.

And none of this was normal. Erinport had seemed woefully unprepared for any trouble, without even a city wall, and now had no guard force either; good riddance, but weaker defences. The citizens had seemed blithely unaware when quizzed, unconcerned about attacks in the area… although maybe he shouldn’t judge them all by those who ended up in a pub after a riot. But he should have pressed the point.

The dragon’s mention of being captured for a war in Igaegi was more worrying. This wasn’t local opportunists… it was all part of something larger. Dhom levered his battered body off the gunwales, and wondered who might know more about what was happening; the old man would know quite a lot, but would be unwilling to share it. Time to see if the rum had loosened the bookish rogue’s tongue, and what he’d gotten himself into…

Season 2 Episode 2 Synopsis

Seren and Jason stow away on a launch hanging from the departed ship – the Star of Erigaelis – which they investigate for trafficking, finding no children but encountering a blue dragon kept in the hold. Meanwhile, the party still in Erinport brokers a deal for the corrupt guard troop to be allowed to leave with their lives, and Xara to take over their duties. The party tries to arrange transport across to Eastreach, to find they have just missed the only ship for the near future, the Star, and pay to catch up to it in a smaller, faster vessel – Melora’s Fury. As the Fury catches up in a worsening storm, both ships are attacked by a group of sea hags and something worse under the water. During the battle the Star is seriously damaged and the dragon is awoken; it agrees to not attack the party for a month if released, and reveals it had been captured in order to fight in a war in Igaegi. The party sets it free as Wrenn loots a surprising amount of treasure from the captain’s cabin, and they escape the sinking ship onto the Fury.


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