Tag: Human


  • Anya

    Anya is the town guard in [[Grenscombe]], where she moved after [[Woodcrest]]. She is a gruff and heavy-built woman.

  • Salzar

    Salzar is originally from the Kingdom of Kemendas, in the far west of Odreïn. He travelled far to the north to the elven woods of Neænarion and spent many years there researching magic.

  • Gethman Brightrivver

    Tree leaves in the valleys of Woodcrest are many different hues of green in spring. Birds sing out their lungs, creating an inharmonious yet appealing noise, like a babbling small stream flowing over pebbles. The world was waking from the slumber and …

  • Marzanna

    h3. Appearance The first thing you notice when you meet Marzanna is the large scar which divides her face diagonally, narrowly missing her eyes. She wears a simple knee-length robe, preferring the freedom of movement it offers compared to more …