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A king falls, his heir is missing, and his half-brother rides to take the throne.

An alliance of monsters under an emblem of a  Broken Crown attacks  Askor. Blaming Aarnekas, the city-kingdom begins to raise an army.

Our heroes storm a siegeworks deep in Tarreld Forest, discovering who they believed to be the Princess, but is instead a serving girl, kidnapped and placed as a decoy.

Lord Protector Xander disavows his agents in the party so they can form a resistance once Prince Rellis takes the throne. His army is predicted to arrive by 5th Wine.

The group resolves to take a ship across the Reft Sea to Eastreach, where they are searching for Vianni, the Broken Crown’s contact for fire hurler fuel. On the road to Erinport, Enna tracks markings leading a Ranger Foregathering.

And among the rangers, her old companion Arranis, who informs the foregathering of the death of Enna’s father Iankian, and the return of Enna’s nemesis Grarzuk.


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