House rules

Allowed sources

Supplementary XP

Each player that edits something on Obsidian Portal between sessions will be awarded XP. This can be used for your current character, or kept in reserve for a future character. For small changes, e.g. correcting typos, updating your character sheet, the XP is equivalent to an Easy award for your party’s average level. For larger changes, e.g. writing an adventure log or a full wiki page, the award increases to Hard.

No automatic feats

There are two ways to obtain a Feat:

  • Using the Variant Human Traits rule on p31 of the PHB
  • Discovering somebody somewhere in the Nine Kingdoms that can train you in a Feat. This will take significant time and may cost gold.

Feats are not available by forgoing an Ability Score Increase.

Teleportation Circle

Spellcasters who can cast Teleportation Circle (i.e. have it learnt or prepared) may cast it without material components by using a Permanent Teleportation Circle as the origin. This teleports the caster and up to seven creatures, who must all be within the circle when the spell is cast.

Enemy Armour Class

After a particular enemy combatant has been hit by any PC attack roll and missed by any PC attack roll, the DM will announce its armour class.


When you spend a luck point to roll an additional d20 on a roll that had Advantage or Disadvantage, you may choose the result of the additional d20 or the final result, after applying Advantage or Disadvantage, of the initial roll.

Retraining class features

Certain people across the Nine Kingdoms can, usually for a price, retrain a Class Feature. This allows you to take an alternative option for features such as the Fighter’s Martial Archetype or Fighting Style. When you next gain a level, you lose all benefits of the old option for that feature, and gain any benefits as if you had taken that option when it was first chosen.

House rules

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