Kamendas is one of the nine Petty Kingdoms in Odreïn.

In the early months of the Civil War, wanton destructive magic use killed tens of thousands of soldiers on every side, and magic came to be seen with suspicion and fear. When the great dwarven siege engines were first put to use, commanders quickly disbanded their “obsolete” arcane regiments and exiled the magic-users.

The ostracised mages from all sides of the war banded together, quickly carving out territory in the arid west of the continent. As the war ground towards stalemate, the fledgling state came to be recognised as a major power, and was offered a seat at negotiations for the Treaty of Askor.

Three centuries later, magic is accepted once again, but the Kingdom of Kamendas still remains in the now-fertile lands west of the great mountain ranges. Many mages across the nine kingdoms learnt their art in one of the countless Colleges across the kingdom, and the kingdom is considered the most peaceful and prosperous of all nine.

The kingdom is governed by the Archmage and their Mages’ Senate, which are selected at random from the population every seven years. Of course, the existence of reality-altering spells such as Wish makes this a contest of magical skill at manipulating fate.

The Kamendas Intelligence Service (or KIS) perform covert missions on behalf of the kingdom. Some of the finest wizards in the Petty Kingdoms are counted among its ranks. KIS played a large part in the cold war between Kamendas and The Odreïan Legions.


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