Months of the Year

A year on Erd is exactly 360 days long. In the Petty Kingdoms, a year is split into twelve months of 30 days. These are the modern Aarnekensian Common translations of the old Odreian names:

  • Month of Gathering
  • Month of Dry
  • Month of Grass
  • Month of Flower
  • Month of Fallow
  • Month of Hay
  • Month of Harvest
  • Month of Barley
  • Month of Wine
  • Month of Slaughter
  • Month of Wolves
  • Month of Frost

Days of the Week

Weeks are six days long (so a month has exactly five weeks, and each date always falls on the same day of the week). The days of the week are named after the six good deities:

  • Avandæ
  • Coreldæ
  • Moradæ
  • Bahamdæ
  • Sehandæ
  • Pelordæ

Pelordæ is a day of prayer and rest from work.


Years are counted in Ages. The current year is 317 of the Age of Nine Kings. An Age would be declared by the Emperor (or, previously, King) of Odrein, with the expectation that an Age should last at least a century and as such be aptly named. If an Emperor tried to name an age after themselves, for example, they would be seen as insufferably vain. If an Age is declared midway through a year, it is considered to be in both Ages; for example, 563 Age of Great Empire and 1 Age of Nine Kings are the same year.

Previous ages:

  • Age of Great Empire (563 years)
  • Age of Kingdom In Unity (298 years)
  • Age of Roads (101 years)
  • Age of Quarried Stone (281 years)
  • Age of First Histories (332 years)

As the name suggests, no written records exist from before the Age of First Histories, and no formal date system was in use. The period before the Ages is known as the Prior.

Notable dates

Equinoces and solstices

  • 25th of Dry: spring equinox
  • 25th of Fallow: summer solstice
  • 25th of Barley: autumn equinox
  • 25th of Wolves: winter solstice (Avandramas)

Historical events

See the Timeline for a full list of historical events.


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