The Broken Crown

A glossary of Igægan Common

by Lorenz Jacobsen, Master Linguist, College of the Light of Ioun, Lower Askor, Kingdom of Askor, 137NK

Although it is much closer-related to Common than the other languages spoken on Odreïn, Igægan Common (or Cotidæn) is a very different language, despite the name (in fact, it is much closer than Common to Old Odreïan, owing to Igægi’s relative isolation). Below are several terms that might be of use to travellers in Igægi.

note: “æ” is not pronounced as a diphthong, but as a distinct vowel, similar to Common “bay” (although with a somewhat nasal quality)

Greetings & phrases

bæn dis – good day
bæn tærd – good afternoon, good evening
bæn nogt – good night
bænvændis – welcome
æ diæsis – goodbye
comæ æst? – how are you?
æm bæn – I am well
pærlest æsteris? – do you speak Common?
nit pærl cotidæn – I do not speak Igægan
si – yes
– no
i – and
pær fævis – please
grætis – thank you
mæ qæræ… – I would like

Numbers 1-10

un, dua, træ, qært, qint, sæxt, hæpt, ogt, nævt, dægt


cupræ – copper
argis – silver
æro – gold
platinæ – platinum

Rather than giving amounts in one denomination, as is usual in Common-speaking Kingdoms for small amounts, currency is always split into small numbers of mixed coins, lowest first. For example, where an Aarnekensian market trader might say “seventeen silvers”, in Igægi you would hear “hæpt argis i un æro”.

Food & drink

pæn – bread
ægua – water
bæra – beer
cærn – meat


æstre – to be (æm, æst, æs, æmis, æstis, æsis)
hæstre – to have (hæm, hæst, hæs, hæmis, hæstis, hæsis)
fæstre – to do (fæm, fæst, fæs, fæmis, fæstis, fæsis)
distre – to say (dim, dist, dis, dimis, distis, disis)
pustre – to be able (pum, pust, pus, pumis, pustis, pusis)
pærler – to speak (pærl, pærlest, pærles, pærlis, pærlestis, pærlesis)

Negation & Tenses

Negation is constructed with nit + verb, e.g. nit æm, “I am not”.

Past tense is constructed with hæ + verb, e.g. hæ æm, “I was” or “I have been”.

Future tense is constructed with fæ + verb, e.g. fæ æm, “I will be”.


quarterto quarterto

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