The Broken Crown

Enna: the point of no return

When Arannis at the forgathering told Enna that her father was killed during the attack of Askor, a darkness enveloped her and stripped entirely her soul of any good left. She felt at the top of a steep cliff surrounded by void, emptiness all around. Alone, she felt so alone. She could not bear the comfort that Wrenn was trying to give her. She just pushed him aside. Even the mead she drunk so heavily that night did not overcome the feeling. It barely numbed her.

So when she heard that the Orc called Grarzuk was still alive and hunting rangers, nothing could hold her off to track him and to kill him. Grarzuk, Carric killer, alive! One thing will keep her going, picturing his severed head rolling to the ground. She will have no rest until it is done, even if it costs her life.

She will attend her father’s funeral in Neænarion standing or not, joining him then in the rite of passage. She closed her eyes and had a vision…

In pure Elven tradition, her funeral starts with a slow procession, over a bed of flowers of the season, in respectful silence. Her body is anointed with scented oils, and wrapped in a tapestry woven with images from her life. After the procession, her body is cremated on a funeral pyre of fragrant wood, and once cooled the ashes are placed in an urn that is then interred in the local memorial deep in the forest.

Once the funeral is over, friends and family gather to eat, drink and be merry, telling tales of the departed. This celebration will go on for several days. Her spirit finally freed and made one with the forest.

She opened her green cold eyes and there is one last thing to do.

“L’quelin Orco naa ba Orco as lala cas”

(“The best Orc is a dead Orc with no head”).


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