The Broken Crown

From the journal of Pympen Spudslinger Inknose Roottimber

17th of Slaughter, 317NK

It appears that Sister Elidyr was correct — the rise in undead activity is not some new magical disease or necromantic practice, it is a symptom of something much bigger. The Heroes of Woodcrest have run into the Cult of the Sealed God again and again, and now it appears Archmage Amrotha was researching the same topic. I wish I had talked to her when I could; I must stop being so cautious.

The scattered documents that the Heroes have collected refer again and again to two things — a War of Wishes many ages ago which sealed a pantheon member in the Underdark, and hints of a prophecy about that entity being released during a recurring eclipse. And now we have a name — Nerull. I feel almost like this is some elaborate jest concocted by by new companions, because surely such an event would be cataclysmic, and the eclipse is due within a moon; but they seem only bored by the documents, which were haphazardly piled together and certainly appear genuine.

Although I curse their poor filing, the Heroes themselves have proved more than the thieves they originally professed themselves to be. They use a name which towns close to Woodcrest barely seemed to recognise, yet Lord Protector Xander treats them like old relatives. They appear to have defeated a dragon recently, judging by the tooth Arannis was waving around; a juvenile, from the size of it, but far larger than anything I have faced.

They acted with honour in Grenscombe; it was a strange day of entrapped angelic beings, a coven of hags in disguise, and assassins by night, and while they were definitely bloodthirsty I feel I can trust them. Jorg is protective of the group, to his own downfall at one point, and Kord entrusts him with significant power. Arannis seems to forget what happened yesterday, but remembers centuries ago; I need to see what he can recall that may aid us. Katsu is a surly reclusive barbarian at first glance, but under that surface lies both intelligence and magic – and possibly something darker? Gnaerk appears the most simple, acting the jester while hitting like a runaway cart, but in this company I feel there is more to him as well.

They are investigating the Cult, and seem to have a knack for running into long-hidden information. I must make myself useful so I can keep travelling with them… and must get this information back to the monastery, I fear that when the eclipse arrives we will all discover we are not ready for what is coming.


quarterto Ruadhan

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