The Broken Crown

Jorg Badgerbanisher

journal of Dread Admiral, Za'kir Dragonslayer

This one has learnt from Pympen Spudslinger that Jorg, the priest of Kord, was the one to banish the beholder… during which time the beholder was transformed into a badger. Tunnin reminded this one that great deeds come with great names, and so Jorg has been named Jorg Badgerbanisher to commemorate this great achievement. This one and Pympen laughed for many minutes at the idea.

The Spudslinger earned this title from a vessel, encouraging this one to befriend him. The merchants company he speaks of, this one is certain they have been attacked by Captain Skyes. It is a shame that we may be responsible for the short one’s friend’s deaths, but this is the nature of privateering on the Reft, and there is not much we can do outside of that.

Also, Katsu Shadespinner, for the comment of Jorg “being surprised at him not wanting to get involved in other people’s business”.


We discovered a ruin. This interests this one, because Jorg was keen to have us take the lead and search for traps. An easy thing to do, but a puzzle has been found. Tunnin is speaking with us to help decipher what is going on.

… but we do not stay in one place for too long. This one and Pympen explored further without the assistance of the others, only to discover a sword embedded in a stone, with a skull crowning it. Well — treasure can only remain unlooted for so long, yes?


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