The Broken Crown

Jorg's Story: A Prayer for Dhom

The others had left quickly, all keen to put the fight behind them. Jorg wasn’t ready yet, he had a duty to perform. Silently he knelt by the pile of clothes and supplies that had been his companion, a light film of dust had settled around the remains – this was all that was left of Dhom.

Jorg bowed his head and spoke softly, “Almighty Kord, I ask for your aid”. Silence was the reply, though Jorg had faith that his god was listening. “Here lies the remains of a man who undoubtedly deserves a place in your halls. Dhomgrim Stoneheim.” Jorg struggled for a moment to keep his face set in a solemn expression. “We didn’t discuss the gods much, in our time together. I do not know if he was a religious man, but I do know that he was a moral one. He’s shown great courage in battle, as well as the restraint that is required for one not to stray into chaos.”

Pausing for a moment, Jorg added, “if he already has a place elsewhere, I ask you to guide his spirit there. Don’t let him come to any harm on his last journey.”

“Thank you.”

Jorg stood, lifting the clothes and armour. He gently placed them atop one of the nearby sarcophagi, arranging them into the rough shape and size of his companion. “Dhom, I don’t know if this will work, or if it’s even necessary… but I don’t think I could cope with facing you in undeath.” The cleric took two copper coins from his pouch and placed them where Dhom’s eyes would have been. He muttered the familiar incantation, protecting the body of his friend against being brought back.

As a last sign of respect, Jorg took a scented candle from his pack and placed it next to the remains. He lit it, nodded his head, and muttered “rest in peace, Dhomgrim”.

Moving back to the equipment that lay on the ground, Jorg started to pick out the important papers that Dhom had kept neatly organised. He found the letter that he’d entrusted to the dwarf not even a week ago, still sealed of course.

Jorg placed the papers in his own pack and turned to the piles of gold and gems that the party shared, gathering them up. He had no interest in them right now, but he knew the group would need money to continue their quest. The rest he left, it would feel like grave robbing to take any of Dhom’s personal possessions.

As Jorg reached the door into the next chamber, he turned back one last time. He instinctually reached for his holy symbol for comfort, it was warm to the touch. Jorg nodded one last goodbye and stepped out of the room.


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