The Broken Crown

Jorg's Story: Trust

“It’s funny how much you question the loyalties of others when you’re not fully honest about your own”, Jorg mused to himself. Trusting Dhom with his letter home had not been easy, but of all the Heroes of Woodcrest, the dwarf seemed the least likely to peek. Jorg watched carefully each time Dhom rifled through the papers that the party had amassed, mentally preparing himself to see the seal broken.

Now was such an occasion. As Dhom tried to find more sigil sequences amongst the papers, Jorg caught a glimpse of his letter. Still sealed. Good. He need not watch really; Dhom was forthright enough that he’d probably confront Jorg directly if he had read it.

Jorg hoped his silence about his past didn’t raise suspicions about his motivations with the rest of the group. There was no questioning his loyalty, surely – he’d healed each of his comrades many times, and nobody could mistake his hatred of the cult. Yes, he was fine. He tried to stop introspecting.

Katsu had surprised Jorg today. Just as he thought he had her figured out, she started casting spells, nothing he’d seen before. It seemed that she might have secrets of her own. He made a mental note not to let his guard down too much around her.

Arannis remained a mystery. One moment he seemed lucid, and at other times he didn’t seem to know where (or more importantly when) he was. His reason for being with the group was perhaps just because he didn’t fit anywhere else. In stark contrast was Gnaerk, who clearly and vocally stated his wants and needs on a regular basis. Jorg appreciated this, he really should make more effort to help his companion find his brother; it seemed this quest might align with the larger mission anyway.

Jorg was snapped out his thoughts suddenly, as the world folded in around him. A second later he was in a large room with vaulted ceilings, staring down the shaft of a spear. The teleportation rod had worked.


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