The Broken Crown

Pympen Bonecrusher

journal of Dread Admiral, Za'kir Dragonslayer

Today, Pympen solved a problem. This one was impaled by a Bone Devil – a terrifying creature. This one also used the elemental gem that they were using to hatch the dragon egg to assist the fight. Almost dead, Pynpen managed to keep Za’kir the Dread Admiral, Dragonslayer, alive. Very impressive.
Tunnin agrees. Tunnin is very impressed by the way that Katsu handled herself, and is demanded this one gives her a nickname. We are not sure. Katsu Froth-mouth? We are unsure.

This sword that Za’kir has received. It is invisible, and very interesting. We are not sure what makes it so sharp – so sharp that it can cut through bone and steel – but we like it. Perhaps we will keep it, even if it is a little heavier than we are used to. Still, with a bit of training, this one will figure out how best to swing the blade.

And now this one seeks to approach two hooded figures. This is curious. We are not sure about — why are they clasping arms? Perhaps it is better to strike swiftly and not wait. The others are not following – why?


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