The Broken Crown

Wrenn's Story: Murderhobos

Once the rest of the group had engaged the priests in conversation, Wrenn had slipped away, hoping that everyone would be kept busy while he investigated. Based on his journey last night, he knew that the temple was involved in something shady. He just needed some proof.

Wrenn had thought, perhaps naïvely, that by uncovering the dealings of The Ogre’s Rest he’d prove his skills to the criminal element in Ponterin. His curiosity had been piqued: his thirst for knowledge, especially secret knowledge, was driving him now.

The stealthy gnome had barely had chance to investigate the room – he’d seen ledgers on the desk and a safe – before he heard a commotion in the main temple. He’d popped his head out to see what was happening and was caught by surprise when he saw his friends attacking the priests.

Instinct and adrenaline took hold and before he knew it he’d fired several arrows into the fray. He’d not intended to kill anyone, just to ensure that none of his group were hurt. When he saw Enna behead the first priest, Wrenn lowered his bow, horrified.

“Shit shit shit”, Wrenn thought as he dashed back into the side room off of the main temple. He couldn’t watch any more. He could cope with killing monsters in the wilderness, especially in self-defence. This was something different entirely. This was murder.

Wrenn’s mind was racing, and he knew he didn’t have long before somebody outside the temple heard the fight. For his own peace of mind he had to find something incriminating. If the temple were part of something dark or treasonous then the party’s actions could be seen as justified.

He fumbled with the safe and managed to unlock it. Inside was some silverware but nothing more, at least nothing that sprang to his attention. He moved over to the ledgers, flipped one open and read as quickly as he could.

The ledger contained accounts for the Ogre’s Rest, and they definitely indicated that something illegal was going on – huge amounts of money were changing hands. Would it be enough? He certainly didn’t feel and better about what was happening in the next room.

The image of a human head toppling to the ground flashed across his mind again. The rage and hatred on Enna’s face was mixed with a perverse pleasure. Wrenn had thought he could learn to manage her better, to curb her murderous ways, but he’d been wrong. “She’s just too broken”, he thought.

He entertained a dark thought for the second time in a week – the first being when Enna was threatening to kill Jesh.

“She’s too dangerous. She has to go.”


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