The Broken Crown

AMS The Wrath of Kord

journal of Dread Admiral, Za'kir Dragonslayer

It will be good to be back upon a vessel again. This one travelled to Reynford quickly, eager to make some coin in order to find our way back to the Heroes of Woodcrest. We should not have slept so long – we were not expecting to find them gone in the morning. Today we arrive and seek a dock.


Bos’n?! A quartermaster? How dare they make the Dread Admiral Za’kir Dragonslayer a mere bos’n. Do they not know the thousand tales this one has to share? Why do they not quake in fear from the most skilled swordarm of the Reft? This one wrestled a kraken with our bare claws! Captain Skyes would twist in her casket — that is the expression, yes? — from this dishonour they serve us.
No matter. Doing privateer work is easy money, and with Za’kir aboard their vessel, they should not have to worry about storms nor boarding parties nor dragons. We have hoisted the Askor flag and now seek to track an Erinport Shipping Company vessel in the Reft Sea. The water is ugly as usual, but we have our Tunnin to keep us occupied.

Today it is said that we see a vessel on the horizon. A target. We prepare for war! The Dragonslayer is ready, and Tunnin is more excited than we remember it ever being.


quarterto OblivionGate

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