The Broken Crown

Harboured in Harboured

journal of Dread Admiral, Za'kir Stormcaller

You have started now, yes?

Journal of Dread Captain — no, Dread Admiral Za’kir Stormcaller, First of Wine. What is the year again? Ah yes — write that down, boy. This Tabaxi has brought Isabella’s boat to shore, to find it warm road of resting sands. This place is not nice, and this one will not stay here long, no.
Tomorrow we will take our first contract on the seas again. The merchant’s wife gave this Tabaxi quite an eye. Maybe we should be more careful. No, on second thought, cross that out. We do not need a memory of the merchant’s wife.
This jacket does not fit us as well as it did Captain Skyes. What does the urchin think? Hmm, yes. Maybe we should get it refitted. Does the urchin know of a tailor? Perhaps not, no.
Maybe an artist. You? Please, draw us.


That is very impressive — this Tabaxi is pleased with your artistry.
Ten gold? That is extortionate! Wait, this one will check our pouch…


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