The Broken Crown

The Anatomy of a Rust Monster

journal of Dread Admiral, Za'kir Stormcaller

This one does not wish to write his own journal entries, but it seems that this is unavoidable for the time being.
Let us speak of the monsters that rust metal. Through our time underground, we have seen these creatures come from above with intent to devour large patches of ferrous metal. Ferrous. That is a funny word, no?

Hmmm, yes. It has been observed that when a bladed weapon strikes the creatures, they corrode the object. These creatures would be horrible to find upon a ship as they might damage the boom chain or metal ribbing – such things are difficult to destroy, but these monsters would find it easy.

Furthermore, my companions have suffered much loss to their armour because of the two large antennae atop the creature’s insectoid head. On contact, the hairy fins leave destruction in their wake, and even the Stormcaller’s shield is falling apart at the bindings.

Much more caution should be directed by this one’s friends, and perhaps they should take the time to repair their weapons and armour before continuing on.


quarterto OblivionGate

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