The Broken Crown

Washed Ashore

journal of Dread Admiral, Za'kir Dragonslayer

This one awoke on the shore this morning. There was fighting, an unmarked, unflagged ship assaulted us. We do not remember what happened from the wreck, but we are glad that we and Tunnin are safe.
We do not recognise the sands. This is not Aarnekas or Igaegi – the seas of sands are too vast. Has our prophecy come true? Fair winds and warm sands?

Some initial scouting has revealed this to be Kamendas. The stars are aligned to mark only the passing of a few days. The journey has been too short for a distance too long, and Tunnin is hungry. Only a few days. We fish, we prepare a meal, and then we search for a settlement.

We are good trackers, and we will teach Tunnin how do be, too.


quarterto OblivionGate

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