Tag: Za'kir


  • Harboured in Harboured

    You have started now, yes?

    Journal of Dread Captain no, Dread Admiral Zakir Stormcaller, First of Wine. What is the year again? Ah yes write that down, boy. This Tabaxi has brought Isabellas boat to

  • The Anatomy of a Rust Monster

    This one does not wish to write his own journal entries, but it seems that this is unavoidable for the time being.
    Let us speak of the monsters that rust metal. Through our time underground, we have seen these creatures come from above with intent

  • AMS The Wrath of Kord

    It will be good to be back upon a vessel again. This one travelled to Reynford quickly, eager to make some coin in order to find our way back to the Heroes of Woodcrest. We should not have slept so long we were not expecting to find them gone in

  • Washed Ashore

    This one awoke on the shore this morning. There was fighting, an unmarked, unflagged ship assaulted us. We do not remember what happened from the wreck, but we are glad that we and Tunnin are safe.
    We do not recognise the sands. This is

  • Pympen Bonecrusher

    Today, Pympen solved a problem. This one was impaled by a Bone Devil a terrifying creature. This one also used the elemental gem that they were using to hatch the dragon egg to assist the fight. Almost dead, Pynpen managed to