Letter from Princess Ellesia found in the Eyrie

If you are reading this I am dead.

Although it’s not quite the outcome I’d desired, I had planned for it. In this Eyrie is everything you will need to continue my campaign against the Cult of the Sealed God. In particular, the schedules and tactical maps should give you some idea of where next to travel.

In my absence the various “monster” tribes have likely splintered. Common purpose kept them together, and without leadership they’ll return to their old barbarous ways. Fight them where you must, but remember they’re not so different from what you’d call “people”.

If my remains are accessible, High Priest Whittard in the Temple of Pelor & Melora has the aptitude to resurrect me. He will demand a donation to the Unbroken Circle and likely material components; I can reimburse you once I have access to the Crown’s Treasury.

Princess Ellesia of Aarnekas

Letter from Princess Ellesia found in the Eyrie

The Broken Crown quarterto Ruadhan