The Odreïan Civil War

Who knows, these days, what started the War: a dispute over farming lands? An uprising of the peasant classes? A preordained conflict to express the pressure of Time itself?

In any case, a war commenced, and lasted for several bloody years. At least three factions are recorded, but several of the provinces led campaigns benefiting one or another side.

Some atrocity unleashed in the latter days caused the Waste of Hazelmire, which three hundred years later has scarcely recovered.

In the final weeks of the War, the eastern provinces laid siege to Askor. The siege was never broken; while the monarchy of Odreïn had long since departed the city for a hidden command post, the Warden brokered an armistice with the besieging forces, which became the basis for the Treaty of Askor, establishing the nine kingdoms.

The Odreïan Civil War

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