The Journal of Kipper Marshfire Glimmering Quickfinger

14th Wine, 558GE

A new diary and yet the war rages on. It will be over by Avandramas, they say. Hallan will run out of soldiers and gold and surrender, they say. Bet my workshop it isn’t.

I’ve made my way to Hawvale, a tiny walled town in the Province of Aarnekas. It should be well out of the way of any hostilities, both from the war and towards mages. The Mayor doesn’t mind, and I’ve promised him some artificery in return for my refuge.

19th Slaughter, 558GE

Shit. They’ve struck iron under the town.

2nd Wolves, 558GE

I hid in the basement tonight. Exiled mages made their way past towards the Frostback Pass, and Gods know I’m not invited.

27th Wolves, 558GE

Mechanical engineering is what the Dwarves call it, but really it’s artificery on a larger scale. And with my… skills, perhaps I could provide something new to the field.

I made a proposal to Mayor Yaromir: I’ll quadruple his iron output, in exchange for a workshop, all the mechanical power I could ask for, and no questions asked. Of course, he accepted.

29th Grass, 559GE

Aarnekas was always friendly to Hallan. Well, now he and two thousand of his soldiers are camped in Haw Vale and the town is forging swords like nobody’s business. My work continues.

10th Wine 563GE, or 1NK I guess

Work has consumed me. It seems this is my first entry in four years. A new age began a week and a day ago. This is all.

30th Frost, 5NK

I suspect the mayor forgets I’m down here. In any case the wheels turn and my jigs get ever more precise. Mill a jig to mill a better jig to mill a nigh perfect jig and so on. The mandalas I’ve been carving as test pieces grow closer and closer to the true thing, and my most recent test lasted almost one day on the other side – hence my sporadic updates. I’m close. I can feel it.

1st Dry, 45NK, assuming my chronometer has stayed true.

The last transition was stable for almost ten days. If my calculations are correct, my next iteration will reach metastability and enable permanent transition between the two places. I shall being the improvements and once.

Thank the Gods I found a transition point of relative calm on the other side.

The Journal of Kipper Marshfire Glimmering Quickfinger

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